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Lazy Days

We asked the kids what they wanted to do this weekend and they were unanimous in wanting a lazy weekend.  It’s the first weekend of the Easter hols so we were pretty happy to comply, seeing as they’re all a little tired, and also the weather has been bleak and miserable and frigging freezing!  So we all lazed about and did nothing. Well, not really.  We hung about the house, mostly, and amused ourselves.  The kids watched a load of telly and did some stuff on the computers (there’s a Puffle Party going on at Club Penguin which is causing much excitement) and when their energy levels got too high they put on the dance CD on the wii and DANCED!  How hilarious it is to watch them all dancing together, all doing the same moves and trying so hard!  Lovely too because they are all so very self conscious outside of the house, yet together at home they are relaxed and happy.  And then at some point, they switched off all the technology and began playing hide-and-seek, which they haven’t played for months, maybe years, and they played this for a good two hours! Brilliant!

Him Outdoors, being stuck indoors, caused chaos by moving all the furniture in all the bedrooms to de-moth (we have a moth problem) and paint.  He’s good at this sort of thing, but never puts anything back again and leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes.  Am I complaining? Am I? Am I?!  (God streuth)

I pottered.  This is my forte.  I potter about, doing a job here and another job there, starting all sort of tasks and never really finishing anything.  So I did a bit of laundry, a little decluttering in the basement, read some books with Youngest Child (because they were all over the floor while H/O painted in her bedroom, made a Luscious Lemon Drizzle Cake (that was the recipe title and it really was – I’d be happy to post the recipe if you’re interested), did the weekly grocery shop in less than an hour yet still returned home to “Why did it take you so long?” and I re-started this blog!

I was unsure about this blog, to be honest.  There was a time when I was very diligent about writing online – I used to write regularly at Open Diary, in my days Before Children, and it was also the days before blogs and Facebook and Twitter.  OD was one of the very first social network sites and I was there!  It still amazes me that I was ahead of the times!  However, writing anything anywhere has been tricky in the last few years, due to having three kids in four years, and probably my lazy streak hasn’t helped…

But I’m very excited about this blog!  It’s like a new beginning and I’m really up for it!  It might take me a little while to figure out the settings and get this blog looking fab, but I’ll get there (with a little help from a fellow blogger – thanks R!).

I’m unsure about how to refer to my family – I think they would prefer to remain anonymous and would also probably choose to retain a smidgen of dignity while I write about all their foibles and bad points so I won’t mention any of them by name.  If you know me outside of this lovely cyber world, I’m sure you will respect this anonymity – and thank you!

I’ll leave you with this picture of Youngest Child who lost yet another tooth on Friday evening, thus putting pressure on the Tooth Fairy to remember to leave a pound under her pillow after an evening at the pub (she did – phew!).