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All Hallow’s Eve!

I think it’s about time for my 6 yearly entry…. ;)

We had a sooper Halloween this year – the best yet.   Eldest Child went dressed as a clown (something very creepy about clowns, isn’t there?) and trick-or-treated with a friend from his class while I took the girls to trick-or treat with a big gang of younger kids they know.  On the way Youngest Child argued with Middle Child over whether it was “trickle treating” or “trick or treating” which made me chuckle.

Middle Child, who wanted to go as a zombie, went as the most glamorous witch ever, with a gorgeous new sparkly witch’s dress, whilst youngest child went as a ghost.  She insisted I sew up an old sheet and cut out two eye holes.  I am not the best dress-maker but it wasn’t too bad, but sadly the damn thing wouldn’t stay in place and she kept losing the eye holes!  In the end, she tore it off and managed without, but in fairness, Youngest Child can be pretty scary all by herself!

I forgot to take pictures – what a rubbish mum I am!




Easter Antics

I should have known the car wouldn’t start on Thursday.  Not because there were any warning signals from the car; there weren’t.  No, I should have known because I’d signed all the kids up for “Woodland Warriors” that day, at vast expense!  I should have known because Eldest Child had a hospital appointment almost straight afterwards, to have his plaster cast removed, which had been postponed by a week already and he was desperate to get rid of it!  I should have known because we were due to drive 4+ hours up north first thing on Good Friday.  I should have known because we were due  to return late Saturday and I’d planned to buy groceries before we went, knowing that everywhere would be shut on Easter Sunday. 


So, the car wouldn’t start, it was too late to walk to the venue so I called a taxi, gave detailed directions to our house and then waited on the path.  And waited.  Eventually, the taxi arrived and explained that he couldn’t find us, no wonder because he came  from the opposite direction from what I recommended.  Plus I’d said we’d be waiting on the path – how hard is that? – Drive along the road until you come across a group of people standing about!


Having dropped the kids off, I walked home, which took 30 minutes, then rang the breakdown people who promised to be with me within the hour.  Exactly 59 minutes later they arrived.  I should have known that too.  Turned out to be a flat battery (Him Outdoors later admitted using the battery to blow up all the car tyres the night before…).  So the car was jump started, I then took it for a good drive to recharge said battery, and lo and behold, it was then time to collect the kids.  I felt robbed of valuable time.  It was like those days when the kids were really small and they’d fall asleep while you were out and you felt resentful that you’d missed out on nap-time at home. 


Never mind, everything worked out.  The kids loved “Woodland Warriors” and the cast was taken off and I squeezed in a trip to Sainsburys, albeit with 3 kids in tow (joy of joys).


And we went Up North.  A bitter sweet trip.  We went to visit my Mother-in-law, who moved into a nursing home in January.  She’s fighting alzheimers, she really is, but it’s finally beginning to defeat her.  We went up in February to clear out her home and get it ready for selling.  Such a sad thing to do.  What we were really doing was clearing out a life.  And not just a quiet life either.  This lady brought up four children, she went to college and trained to be a teacher while they were young, and worked nights to support them too.  Such a busy life, such a happy, noisy home, and now reduced to what seems like a very lonely existence in a small room in a nursing home.  Tragic.


However, she still recognises us, which is a blessing because I know that she doesn’t remember or recognise some other close family members.  She was pleased to see us all, especially her grandchildren.  We took her round to my brother-in-law’s house and we all had a happy day together.  The next day we went again and she asked us if we’d been to the house before.  *Sigh*  I know each trip is going to be harder and sadder.  I hope her house sells quickly; I find it difficult to stay there, now she is no longer living there.  A sterile, impersonal Travel Lodge seems preferable now. 


Back home again, our sprits lifted, especially as there was a big yellow thing in the sky all day Sunday!  Middle Child pasted a long letter to the Easter Bunny on the window on Sunday morning which read:


Dear Easter Bunny, as well as bringing EASTER eggs for us, Please can you bring some for our TOYS (I mean little eggs!) Love “Middle Child” 

P.S. Santa has his work-shop So I’m wondering what you have!


I love her innocence.  Eldest Child was much more worldly wise at that age (When he figured out that Father Christmas didn’t exist, he denounced the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and God all at the same time).  She even asked on Saturday night if I would email the Easter Bunny, which I rather understand because you can do pretty much anything online these days, can’t you?


So we did the egg hunt, which the girls really believed had been left by the Bunny.  What I liked best was when they compared what they’d found, they made sure they each had an equal amount of the different types of egg.  Children with baskets collecting chocolate eggs – nothing remarkable, but I love these little family traditions.  They hold us together.


Hope you all had a happy Easter, and plenty of chocolate too.


Lazy Days

We asked the kids what they wanted to do this weekend and they were unanimous in wanting a lazy weekend.  It’s the first weekend of the Easter hols so we were pretty happy to comply, seeing as they’re all a little tired, and also the weather has been bleak and miserable and frigging freezing!  So we all lazed about and did nothing. Well, not really.  We hung about the house, mostly, and amused ourselves.  The kids watched a load of telly and did some stuff on the computers (there’s a Puffle Party going on at Club Penguin which is causing much excitement) and when their energy levels got too high they put on the dance CD on the wii and DANCED!  How hilarious it is to watch them all dancing together, all doing the same moves and trying so hard!  Lovely too because they are all so very self conscious outside of the house, yet together at home they are relaxed and happy.  And then at some point, they switched off all the technology and began playing hide-and-seek, which they haven’t played for months, maybe years, and they played this for a good two hours! Brilliant!

Him Outdoors, being stuck indoors, caused chaos by moving all the furniture in all the bedrooms to de-moth (we have a moth problem) and paint.  He’s good at this sort of thing, but never puts anything back again and leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes.  Am I complaining? Am I? Am I?!  (God streuth)

I pottered.  This is my forte.  I potter about, doing a job here and another job there, starting all sort of tasks and never really finishing anything.  So I did a bit of laundry, a little decluttering in the basement, read some books with Youngest Child (because they were all over the floor while H/O painted in her bedroom, made a Luscious Lemon Drizzle Cake (that was the recipe title and it really was – I’d be happy to post the recipe if you’re interested), did the weekly grocery shop in less than an hour yet still returned home to “Why did it take you so long?” and I re-started this blog!

I was unsure about this blog, to be honest.  There was a time when I was very diligent about writing online – I used to write regularly at Open Diary, in my days Before Children, and it was also the days before blogs and Facebook and Twitter.  OD was one of the very first social network sites and I was there!  It still amazes me that I was ahead of the times!  However, writing anything anywhere has been tricky in the last few years, due to having three kids in four years, and probably my lazy streak hasn’t helped…

But I’m very excited about this blog!  It’s like a new beginning and I’m really up for it!  It might take me a little while to figure out the settings and get this blog looking fab, but I’ll get there (with a little help from a fellow blogger – thanks R!).

I’m unsure about how to refer to my family – I think they would prefer to remain anonymous and would also probably choose to retain a smidgen of dignity while I write about all their foibles and bad points so I won’t mention any of them by name.  If you know me outside of this lovely cyber world, I’m sure you will respect this anonymity – and thank you!

I’ll leave you with this picture of Youngest Child who lost yet another tooth on Friday evening, thus putting pressure on the Tooth Fairy to remember to leave a pound under her pillow after an evening at the pub (she did – phew!).


My Little Life

Hello again.

I’m not really sure who I’m talking to.  Myself I think.  Well, hello me.

It’s been almost 6 years since I set up this blog.  I didn’t get past the first entry, which isn’t surprising seeing as at the time I had a 3 year old, a toddler of 21 months  and a baby of 8 months.  Goodness knows what possessed me to start a blog at that time. I was probably flippin’ delirious.  6 years on I’m happy to say that life is much easier and my brain is considerably clearer.

It wasn’t my idea to blog.  Well, not this time round anyway.  I was out last night, enjoying some end of term drinks with some fellow parents and one lovely friend urged me to start a blog, on the basis that I write funny emails, apparently. Well, that rather puts pressure on one to be hilariously witty from here on in, and I don’t promise anything of the sort.  However, I shall write as I think, which is possibly slightly batty and may be mildly amusing.  Feel free to throw rotten eggs if it isn’t, I shan’t care.

I did try to start up a new blog called “My Little Life”, thinking it was rather apt, as the friend who urged me to blog has a fabulous shop called “My Small World” (selling the most beautiful, innovative toys).  The title was going to be a pun, but sadly that blog name is taken, as is every variation on that name.  Quite a few insignificant lives out there worth blogging about, it seems.  So, I’m sticking with Spablog and My Life in a Shoe, though not so many children that I don’t know what to do.

The (current) picture, by the way, was taken shortly before this blog was started, and is the view from our living room.  Our house isn’t nearly as grand as those that we look upon! Which sort of sums up my life really.  :)

Once upon a time…..

…there was a rabbit and one day she started a blog.  Not being good at witty titles, she didn’t know what to call it, so she called it “Life in a shoe”.  Why?  Well, do you remember the nursery rhyme “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe”?  She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.  That’s how Rabbit feels sometimes.  Not that she has so many children.  She has three.  It just feels like more at times! 

 This blog is going to be a diary of Rabbit’s family life.  Nothing deep or profound, no new or innovative ideas, just life in a spa town.