All Hallow’s Eve!

I think it’s about time for my 6 yearly entry…. ;)

We had a sooper Halloween this year – the best yet.   Eldest Child went dressed as a clown (something very creepy about clowns, isn’t there?) and trick-or-treated with a friend from his class while I took the girls to trick-or treat with a big gang of younger kids they know.  On the way Youngest Child argued with Middle Child over whether it was “trickle treating” or “trick or treating” which made me chuckle.

Middle Child, who wanted to go as a zombie, went as the most glamorous witch ever, with a gorgeous new sparkly witch’s dress, whilst youngest child went as a ghost.  She insisted I sew up an old sheet and cut out two eye holes.  I am not the best dress-maker but it wasn’t too bad, but sadly the damn thing wouldn’t stay in place and she kept losing the eye holes!  In the end, she tore it off and managed without, but in fairness, Youngest Child can be pretty scary all by herself!

I forgot to take pictures – what a rubbish mum I am!




One response to “All Hallow’s Eve!

  1. Welcome back. :) You’re not a rubbish mum. You’re a busy mum. I wouldn’t have remembered to take pictures either, if I’d had three children to take “trickle treating.”

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